Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eno League Captain of the Year Nominee-Kristen Carmouche



Please help me in recognizing another one of our wonderful “Captain of the Year” nominees.  Kristen Carmouche. 


Kristen has played tennis for about 7 years.  She loses count of how many years she actually has played due being sleep deprived from having children.  She has been a captain for the past 3 or 4 seasons.


Kristen had a huge obstacle this past spring season.  Her team was plagued with injuries.  With having to work around players that couldn’t play due to injuries, players that weren’t available, and of course, let’s not forget Mother Nature, who messed with the schedule quite a lot, her team still managed to win the season in first place. 


Kristen also plays the parent role with her child’s swim team as well as being co-chair of the Mary Scoggs Elementary School Garden. 


Kristen is married to her college sweetheart and has 3 children ages 12, 9, & 7.  She grew up playing sports but her favorites were soccer.  She even played 3 years of Varsity soccer at LeHigh University.  She is a marathon runner and in her spare time, she enjoys cooking.


She credits all of her success as a captain to having wonderful players on her teams.



Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Eno League Captain of the Year Nominee-Kevin VanSant


Please help me in recognizing our first “Captain of the Year” nominee.  Kevin VanSant.  Kevin has been playing tennis for about 40 years.  He has been a captain for the 4 years.  Kevin also plays on various other teams as well.


Kevin is a jazz guitarist in “real” life.  He has performed locally but has also performed in Europe a few times.


Kevin is also experiencing the wonderful world of parenthood for the first time.  With all of this activity, he still has time to play league tennis.



Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How It's Made Aluminum Baseball Bats

Have you ever wondered how companies make aluminum bats for baseball and softball? The video below describes the basic process of creating aluminum bats.

Whenever I think about softball or baseball bats I always wonder which one really is safer and better for the sport. What do you think should leagues be using Aluminum bats or Wooden Bats?Why? Post your comments in our comments section.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Adult Women's Fall Soccer

                       Casting call for Women's Soccer

That's right with the World Cup giving us all a huge rush to get out and play some soccer or even becomea soccer fan, Durham's Women's Fall Soccer League is calling your name. For individuals who are interested in participating in our league, we offer two competitive leagues. Open League : women ages 18 years and up and we have our 30+ League: ages 30 years and up. Women who play in our open league may also play in our 30+ if they are of age. Registration begins July 28, 2015 - July 30. Anyone who would like to register a team or be a part of a team can be placed on our free agent list. Please contact: Michelle Blume at (919) 560-4355 or michelle.blume@durhamnc.gov.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Elite Sports Youth Summer Camp- Walltown Park Recreation Center

Football, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer; you name it Walltown Campers are doing it!!
Summer camp is very important to our youth.  Camp offers children in our community unique opportunities. It keeps children healthy and active; it teaches social skills, and offers adventure and exploration.  The Elite Sports Summer Camp has taken field trips ice skating, to the Natural Science Museum, swimming, movies and will explore many more places before summer is over. 
Campers are given the opportunity to participate in various sports clinics while also learning Martial Arts, Zumba, and Line Dancing each week.  There is nothing more important than a happy and healthy child, because they are our future.